Jan 15, 2009

I thought you were my friend

Cheerio's......I thought we were friends.

But I am tired of picking up after you just about every day.

Your not a real friend!

Just another sign that there is a toddler at my house.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Love your new site - and all the pics! Blessings to you Maria! Love, Lisa

JenIG said...

I can relate to the Cheerios.



PS my husband is embarrased because ryann called and asked if you guys wanted a dead goat... but what she was SUPPOSED to ask is if Joe thought the goat would be safe for us to butcher and eat. Geoff was like, "Ryann asked if they wanted a dead goat??!! That's not what I told her to ask!!"

I think it's all disgustingly hilarious

Maria said...

Jenn that IS funny! and we thought you wanted to keep us fed HAHAHA! I think it is safe to butcher....it's dead right?