Apr 3, 2009

Out Driving Today

I had a spectacular visit at my friends house today. Sadly, the kids and I got lost for just over 30 minutes before we found our way. I felt silly since we had been there several times before. Most of the time my man drives so I just go along and admire the scenery. There are many old farms and old houses..... both of which I like.

Back to getting lost......

I was thinking, as I finally discovered that I took only one wrong turn. A left instead of a right. So, I was thinking.... that this is what happens when we sin. One bad choice, one sin, can lead us off the road we are on and away from God. Funny how that is. Sin being our choice and God always being faithful, waiting for us when we lose our way. HE is awesome like that.

And soon our traveling led us back home and our path crossed with this truck.....

What an awesome way to
Praise HIS name!

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