May 29, 2009

May, where did you go?

It's been another busy month.
We just had 156 pictures printed at Walgreens to prove it.

Here's one of my favorites.
Taken at Samantha's Graduation.

Please, ignore my sons eyes.
I don't understand why one child always has to have their eyes closed.
As you can see, this one is a bonus.

Summer has arrived!

I know, it hasn't officially. However, that is what it looks like around here these days.


Dear May 2009,
Goodbye. You went by too quick. I hardly noticed you were here at all.
I know there will never be a "next time". That makes me kind of sad!
Can you tell June to stay as long as it likes? Please?
Your Friend,


Emily said...

Is that a pond? How FUN. and you have such a lovely yard. I have a brown thumb, so the flowers in my yard were ALL from the previous owner. Oh well, let's hope I don't kill those. You even have tomatoes~ wow. I'm impressed, how do you find the time?

Maria said...

Ha ha,,,, my husband and son did all the planting this year. I did buy flowers and it gets so hot here the key is just to water them. If I can remember that than I have nice looking flowers all summer long. That is my goal.. i think I can get the kids to help.
That is a small pond that we were given a few years ago. I thought Joe was going to pull it out this year and we'd have to say good bye. He got tired of patching the holes. We add Walmart .25 cents fish to it and see how they do in the spring. I think we have 5 left from last year. My yard looks of right now because we just cleaned it up. With 5 kids it is quite a chore and I lose ground with it every fall...
Give yourself some time to get to know your flowers and plan a little every year... I'm still learning and it's not that hard once you work on it for 11 years like I have. And I have very little to show for it...