Jun 13, 2009

My days are exciting!

People are always telling me I live an exciting life... well I say Life *is* what you make it. But some things you just can't make happen and God just blesses you with a surprise.... like yesterday.

I was blessed with spending some time with some pretty special ladies. Best of all I got to sit beside Jenefer while we got to meet very sweet Chickadee. She was passing through on her way back home to Arkansas with her family. This is the first person I have ever met from Arkansas and I like her.....very much.

And there were more friends....


Ryann and Christi

the babies..

Coie and of course Melissa.

Proof positive that some Bloggers are friends we just haven't met in person, yet.


chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

so true! thanks for taking pictures for me. i loved meeting my tennessee friends.

Emily said...

It's totally true that Bloggers ARE friends that we just haven't met yet. What a poetic way of putting it.