Nov 4, 2010

John 3:16

Our family car needs some major repairs. We've decided, since we're on our second transmission, it's time to replace it.

This past Monday we knew it needed some mechanical help. It needed more help than it could get here at home. So off to the shop it went. On the way the drive shaft broke and transmission cracked. OUCH $$$$!

So there sat our car unmoveable. Instead of holding our family it would now only hold our memories. It's a bit embaressing to admit this but my eyes welled with tears. The memories I have of the last 5 years are all connected to this vehicle. It is a reminder of the places we'd been. It took us on countless trips to see family and to meet friends. We brought our last baby home from the hospital in it. We made several excursions to the beach and hundreds of trips camping, hiking, biking.....everything we did as a family, these last 5 years, were connected to this vehicle.

But staring back at me from the back window was the new "tatoo". A reminder to me that although this mode of transportation had met a need and was a blessing from the LORD, it had fulfilled it's purpose.
But thankfully, as believers in the one true God, our end will be quite different. For our lives do not end here. For we have been promised everlasting life.
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. John 3:16

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Gayle said...

I know, Maria, I can get attached to things like cars and homes, too when our time is up with them.
What a sweet reminder God sent. He is so sweet like that, huh?