Jul 13, 2009

Project 1

I have several projects I want to work on before the year is out. The first one is just about done. The den/library/media room. All that is left is buying a new couch. We'll take our time and watch for a good deal. The couch we currently have came from my neighbor when we first moved here 12 years ago. It came from a doctor's office before that. I have no idea how old it is but it has suited us just fine with little ones sitting and eating on it. I have recently started throwing a comforter over it to hide it's current aging look.

These shelves were given to us. They came out of a novelty store in Gatlinburg when it went out of business.

Here you see the back shelf with the clutter and books.

Behind this handsome working boy is the other shelf with the tv and surround sound system (another gift) to the right with a clutter mess below!! The books on the bottom shelf will be removed to make an adjustment in that area.

This part of the shelves were moved out of the house. My husband took it to the basement where could work on it better.

Another view of the shelves on the back wall.

Once the shelves were removed my friend Christi came over and gave the walls a fresh coat of a light gray paint. I wanted to keep the border so I taped it off. I like it up there as it seems to add to the library look with it's book print art.

Ta da!

We now have stained shelves and a new set up for the T.V., Surround Sound System and DVD/VCR player. I really like the doors he added on the bottom shelf to hide the clutter that used to sit on the shelves.

The shelves on the back wall were only moved away from the walls, stained and than moved back.

Project 1 - Finished!

.......turning the office into a bedroom.


Emily said...

whoa. That was a serious project. you've inspired me!!!!

Melissa Stover said...

books are the hardest thing to move. that's a big job. looks great.