Feb 16, 2010

Truth be told....

Over a week ago someone called out of the blue and wanted to buy our goats. All of them. Since Joe wants to change over to sheep, he sold them.

We than had some lonely guard dogs.

But not for long. Yesterday we were blessed with our first set of Great Pyrenees puppies.
Ten, of them. Ten very needy puppies. Their momma has not recovered well and is at the vet tonight. So our family has been hand feeding these little bundles of fur for about the last 24 hours.

Truth be told, I like it.... but it sure is a lot of work!

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Amy Beth said...

They are so cute, Maria. I didn't know you were blogging over here. I found your link on Annemarie's blog. So glad I did. :-D

Hope you have a good weekend!